Midday A3

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Midday A3

A battle over another abandoned base, because we need more of that, right?

In the frontline of battle, two teams fight out over a abandoned base to gain an advantage over the other in the war over the Heavies and Pyros.

The map layout, as expected, is similar to Viaduct, in a way. First, there are multiple exits to the spawn rooms. Second, there are cliffs for sniper spots. Third, there are buildings which connect to the cliffs. Forth, there is an incline to reach the center control point. As expected, there are two differences too. One, there is a more different theme to the map, that I haven't decided on yet. Two, the roofs kick you off of them.

This is my first map in a while, so expect some bugs, glitches, unintended exploits, and stuff like that. This is also my first map with a 3D skybox, so expect that to be a tiny bit glitched too. I put as much effort in as I could into this as I could for a first release, and I hope you enjoy it. If not, please tell me what is wrong with it, and I will fix it soon enough. Thanks, and have fun!

Also, thanks to the awesome dudes who made Frontline!

This map is now obsolete, but expect some new content from me soon!
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Latest updates

  1. Awwww Hell.

    Well, since pakrat is sort of bad at doing things right for packing stuff into maps. I have moved to VIDE. Because of that, I had to make a new version of Midday. So there's that. Enjoy.
  2. Midday's playspace is now 1.5 times bigger.

    Well, that went pear shaped fast. Turns out when there's feedback, there is room for improvement too. This version should have a slightly bigger playspace than the last version. If it is still too small, let me know, I will double it if needed.