Cherokee a4

Them are some big trees

  1. koth_cherokee_a4



    • Shrink side buildings and the awning on top; too much vision for a player who could get that high ground
    • Widen up balcony area
    • Re-open side of mid with health ammo and "flank" route?
    • Removed dropdown entirely and refactored that entire building
      • Added a small platform that only soldier and scout can get to; while attacking team can walk into from other side
    • Refactored the spawn area buildings
      • ...
  2. koth_cherokee_a3


    • Complete revamp of spawn and last buildings
    • Move Spawn area closer to building with shutter
      • Mid needs to be emphasized more, have less fighting space to discourage fights closer to spawn
    • Complete the side by banana with a train
      • Leaves geometery open, but still adds height variation
      • Building by banana didn't make much sense, and gave sniper a nasty sightline
    • Removed ramp going to...
  3. koth_cherokee_a2


    • Added a room by the generator on mid.
      • Allows for players (mainly scout) to get to the roof
      • Better for scout to be able to deny fast bombing soldiers
    • Removed bridge between the trees in choke
      • Players assumed it would be walkable
      • Making it walkable is too good of position for solider and sniper
    • Added func_respawn brushes in respawn rooms
    • Added...