Chemplant A3.6

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Updates 7/17:
Got a lot of really good feedback from the last version (thanks everybody, especially for linking the articles) and it'll take a while to ingest it properly. I've made a lot of "little" changes to test stuff. It should play a lot differently.
  • Made last point a lot more defensible and also added a new route in.
  • The last cp is up against the wall a bit; it's a lot harder to fall into the pit and it feels generally safer to stand on (it's also a lot wider).
  • Generally made Red's spawn a lot more bearable: fixed glitches, improved lighting, etc
  • Clipped stuff
  • Added a new route to the first cap; honestly not sure how it will perform
  • Did some sightline blocking that might end up being bad in the long run because of how I did it
Changes for 7/16:
  • Lighting in the last room and in general has been improved
  • Path to first point extended, convoluted
  • Proper blu spawn
  • Sightlines shortened all around the map (somewhat)
  • Nerfed ceilings
Hopefully this will basically be playable, so then I can move on to the other two stages of the map.
  • More than doubled the size of the map and added the remaining point to the stage.
  • Map is no longer compiled with HDR.
  • Final point layout