Chemplant A3.6

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Chemplant A3.6

Hardly anything happens, but there is a cliff. It's super short!

Every great mapping career has to start somewhere, but maybe this isn't that start.

(last stage of a 3-stage A/D)
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Update 7/17

    Updates 7/17: Got a lot of really good feedback from the last version (thanks everybody, especially for linking the articles) and it'll take a while to ingest it properly. I've made a lot of "little" changes to test stuff. It should play a lot...
  2. Cleaned up the worst of last week's playtest

    Changes for 7/16: Lighting in the last room and in general has been improved Path to first point extended, convoluted Proper blu spawn Sightlines shortened all around the map (somewhat) Nerfed ceilings Hopefully this will basically be playable...
  3. CP Chemplant A2

    Changes: More than doubled the size of the map and added the remaining point to the stage. Map is no longer compiled with HDR. Final point layout