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Chateau B2

A King of the Hill map set in a luxurious residence in the middle of a lake.

A KOTH map set inside a luxurious residence.
Or a castle.
Or a manor.
I still haven't chosen yet.

Features deadly waters right next the control point as well as a flanking route spread over two floors.

Constructive feedback & suggestions are appreciated!

Fun fact : this is my very first TF2 map.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. The "oops cpx screwed up" update

    Compile Pal X hasn't packed the map without my knowledge and I published B1 before going away for a week. So here's Beta 1 but with a few things fixed. Moved the red couch in the Fireplace room Added clipping to the ramp in RED's spawn...
  2. The "god damn son how long did updating this take" update

    AFAIK I didn't do any changes to the layout, only added a slick coat of paint to the current map. KNOWN ISSUES AND ALSO STUFF THAT WILL BE CHANGED No clip brushes around the model windows. No area portals (although the map has been running...
  3. Potential Final Update

    Smaller update compared to previous iterations of Chateau. This most likely will be the final build of the map until the Beta phase. - Reworked the spawns to redirect players into the two routes - Lowered the Carpet rooms - Raised the outside...