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  1. Brokkhouse

    Hinterlands A7

    Unofficial TCDOM Contest entry. Made by Brokk and Codex. This take on the criminally underused Cyclic Capture Points gamemode (or Cyclic Territorial Control) places teams at opposing corners of a 4-point map. You may only capture the point to your immediate left. You will always spawn at the...
  2. Gothic Organist

    Reskinned animated DeGroot_keep flag a6

    Cp_degroot_keep's flags, but now reskinned to flags of 13 countries, 2 cities, 2 provinces and 4 miscellaneous flags. To be used for world building, shameless patriotism or just some colourful decoration. The flags include the countries: Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Finland, The...
  3. Zeepington

    Chateau B2

    A KOTH map set inside a luxurious residence. Or a castle. Or a manor. I still haven't chosen yet. Features deadly waters right next the control point as well as a flanking route spread over two floors. Constructive feedback & suggestions are appreciated! Fun fact : this is my very first TF2 map.
  4. Pixel Brush

    koth_netherlands Overlays b1

    All the Overlays that are used in koth_netherlands are contained here. Use them how you want. This Pack Includes: minemap pixelbrushing (Unused) pixelbrushing_wide red1850 whogotit (went Unused in a5 mid3) arrow_blue_rt deadbushcorp plaster1 plaster2
  5. Pie_Savvy

    European Signs Decal Pack 2018-07-30

    Now you too can set your map in the rugged terrain of the Austrian Alps or in an industrial port along the Rhine. Includes a read me with who to credit if you use this in a map. So for our 72 hour jam we did some map decal signs with a european flair. If there is any issues (or you want us to...
  6. Pixel Brush

    Netherlands b1 fix3

    This is a King of the Hill map which is inspired by the Netherlands! Steam Version: The map is as of b1 12.6116 kHu² big! Mini-Map as of b1 Netherlands Content Compilation Overlays...
  7. AlexCookie

    EU Gameday - Sunday, June 12th

    When: 5pm GMT, June 12th Where: | Europe - steam://connect/ Maps: Map name|Author|Notes cp_blossom_a2a|Cookiesurvival|Since I'm not good with scaling still, this map might be a bit small. cp_blackwater_a1|JaCuS| arena_pentegonia_a3|Tumbolisu|...
  8. AlexCookie

    EU DemoDay - Wednesday, June 1st

    When: 5pm GMT, June 1st Where: AlexCookie's EU server - Maps: arena_ixem_a12 by TMB cp_sandylane_a3 by CoolMitch 2nd arena_fightland_a1 by Nighttime71 cp_cenote_a2 by cookiesurvival pl_brickwalk_a04 by Doktor Richter Map pack download: MEGA Submission format: Map name...