Chateau 2023-03-07

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This version should fix all of the red forward spawn routing issues and spice up the C gameplay quite a bit. C should also be a lot easier to understand at a glance. The entire plank section at B has been removed and replaced with a set of upward B esque rolling hills. (Thanks Diva Dan)

Work in progress world textures have also been added with some in progress blending. No sculpting yet as I wanted to keep everything relatively the same to test the new B and C changes.

-fixed spawn door splashin water all over the damn place
-removed lip on lower route in A to B flank so red doesnt have any cover

-plank area replaced with set of rolling hills
-reworked red forward spawn to have two exits and provide better direction

-redesigned and simplified outside
-removed outdoor side flank to basement
-added a red side ramp to attic
-removed black one way windows and one way door on flank
-added floor window in attic
-flattened red sentry spot area next to main
-added small plank path up to winder just under C sign

-chandelier is now a spytech super computer


All terrain and hoodoos are now displacements.

-lowered some terrain outside red first spawn to make dropdown to A more noticeable
-hid the balcony route in blu spawn to avoid people thinking its an exit
-A to B choke blu flank is a large tunnel wide ramp rather than small switchback
Quick fix for some stuff I missed in x3

-lit up the dark spots at C
-removed confusing arrow signs at red forward
-removed duplicate invisible brush in front of red forward
-widened chandelier fins for easier sentry placement
This version adds a rollback zone at final and hopefully makes C play better via some small redesigns. My original intention was to have a decent rollback zone at final but I completely forgot to add it whoops lol.

-redesigned red approach to C
-added new walkable area outside above deathpit at C
-moved C checkpoint closer to red spawn
-made entire kidney at final a rollback zone
-added plank path from main to chandelier for more red access
-fixed blu first forward stair props being non solid
-fixed grate texture allowing explosions through
-added some signs near red forward spawn

Pics of new stuff

Quick hotfix for some dumb first version stuff and a small time give on cap increase.

-Increased time given on cap of A and C by one minute
-added missing deathpit trigger below C
-fixed wonky plank doorway in B cliffside building
-fixed blocked stairs in red shortcut to C
-fixed prop errors at first blu forward spawn