Champions A3

An Experimental Ultiduo Map

  1. One More Version Down

    - Moved lower spawn closer
    - Adjusted cap time (again)
    - Added ammo pit #2
    - Added pillars on both sides
    - Clipped edges near spirals
  2. Playtesting

    Got some feedback from my man V!s. Here is what he suggested to change:

    - Cap time was way too long. Shortened it up.
    - Size from point to spawn was too much. Brought spawns closer.
    - Ramp near spawn too steep. Pulled out the ramp.
    - Ramps near point was too steep. Turned it into a spiral ramp.
    - Platform was too hard to get to. Turned it into another spiral.
    - Platform needed health kit. Added health kit.
    - Ammo hard to get to on point. Totally ghetto'd it.