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  1. vetris

    Graveyard v3.0

    "When the evil spirits go to rest, the mercenaries come out to play!" A reimagining of my first ever map, Graveyard, as an Ultiduo map. I plan to update this map regularly.
  2. arbabf

    Vertarena a3

    Currently in its early stages, this map is inspired by arena FPSes of old such as Quake and Unreal Tournament. Two portals on either side of the map allow instant traversal between the sides of the maps - but beware, projectiles can pass through as well, allowing players to injure their...
  3. zythe_

    mini gpit a2

    small gravelpit styled ultiduo map also compatible with ultitrio!
  4. Ms. Wizard <|:)

    Viaduct (Ultiduo) f1

    made very quickly... better than product btw
  5. Coolstuff

    Ultitrio Aesthetic b8

    An Ultitrio map I've been working on for a while and decided I'd finally post it. I paid significant attention to its lighting and design aspects for Ultitrio's inclusion of Scout. This map could also work for Ultiduo too, but it has small details like the protrusion at the bottom of the point...
  6. 14bit

    Stonebridge a2a

    A festive little Ultiduo map made for TFConnect's Ultiduo segment! Uses: Alaxe's TFConnect tree, presents, and toy train Frontline textures and props This is the 5 minute timer version. 2m, 1m30s, and 1m versions also exist, contact me if you need them!
  7. Ðoge

    ultiduo_spytech rc4

    Beta was created 2 years ago exclusivle for Fooltiduo tournament, totally refreshed and released just now for competitive scene. This map is longer than usual ultiduos, specifially to give medic more space to fight; Has varius height differences to make game harder and more ineresting; Point...
  8. Mika

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Ultiduo_Seaside - 72Hour Jam Entry 2022! Alpha v1

    This map was created doing the 72Hour Jam 2022 Summer event by Cypherus/Mika, SP0NK and Nestle. We decided to go with an Ultiduo map for this year's event since it seemed manageable given the time constraints. We had a couple of goals in mind when creating the map, the main one being that the...
  9. Telemonic

    ultiduo_lorem b2

    Lorem is a ultiduo map that utilizes a bridge-style point with multiple paths to take getting there. It also features stairs and ramps that allow for interesting ways to bomb and control the cap. Ratings and feedback appreciated!
  10. Zeropalooba

    Staten Island v7

    A symmetrical Ultiduo map inspired by koth_highpass, and also Baloo. For the aesthetic, I went for a style similar to mvm_manhattan. Tell me what you think as well as any bugs, although this map has been playtested, so there (in theory) shouldn't be any!
  11. exer

    ultiduo_amperage_a4 2021-12-20

    Ultiduo map made for the 2021 Winter 72 Hour Jam. Burnt out hard and "finished" it on the last day 30 min before the deadline.
  12. Ninja with standards

    ultiduo_zen_72hr_jam 2021-12-20

    Ultiduo map made with Japan content pack https://japan.tf2maps.net/. For a year+ without mapping, I'd say it's ok...(hope it's enough) Certainly still WIP (no builded spawn, but everything is technically playable) ________________________________________________________ Steam...
  13. myria

    Nabisco 72Hr Jam a5

    Snowy cabin and oreo themed ultiduo map! Contributors: https://steamcommunity.com/id/trashmommy/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/gaywitchmom/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/TopFemaleJumperNA
  14. 333res

    Ultiduo_baloo in minecraft. a1

    That not perfect but ok for me.
  15. Ðoge

    Help with complicated ultiduo map

    So, I need to allow player to use only training rocket launcher. At first I tried to work with "trigger_multiple and command entity kill TF_Weapon_RocketLauncher", to delete default rocket launcher and force player to use training. But it deletes both weapons, and I couldn`t find a way how to...
  16. CopMCcopper

    Spiral a7

  17. Relz

    ulti_venu a1

    This is my first Ultiduo map and also my second ever map.
  18. mat_mot0

    ultiduo_shigong_v1 2020-12-14

    crossbreed of 30% techno Kongking and 70% Baloo under construction
  19. Lugenstein

    Bedrock A4

    Ultiduo_bedrock is an ultiduo map taking place in a renovating coal-mine having an emphasis on being a well-structured competitive map while trying to stay within the scope of Team Fortress 2's original artstyle. Special Thanks & Credits:
  20. lordofpixels

    death4 rc1

    A very tiny keepaway ctf map built for 1on1 or ultiduo. It has 24 spawns though so feel free to create a hectic highlander lobby. Hold the bomb for a cumulative 2:30 and have it detonate on your back to score a point. Touching the cubes teleports you. I put hurt triggers to telefrag your enemies...