Cenation A1E

Your time is up, my time is now.

  1. Wilson
    Push John Cena into the RED Backyard Wrestling's squared circle, so he can destroy it before their debut on national television.

    Made for April Fool's contest 2020.

    Features John Cena, cars, Michael Cole's screams of pain, a wrestling ring and a gay baby jail. Don't expect many updates on this until I have had time to fully finish Shithole.


    - Fix the custom sounds being painfully quiet when in multiplayer.
    - Give RED instant respawn upon the points being captured.
    - Give BLU forward spawns a slight delay to prevent a complete roll upon unfortunate spawn timings.
    - Direct RED better to the area they are supposed to hold the first point from.
    - Remake the entire last point now that I actually have time.


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