Cart Crawlers a6

A twinstick TF2 themed rougelite

  1. The Polish Update

    Cartcrawlers 0.4 is up, this version doesn't have many new features but fixes issues with many of the old ones.

    - The engie boss fight has been improved, he now has voicelines and a unique attack
    - MUSIC, is now on by default, I also added some tracks
    - Implemented a new font. And extended the text label system.
    - Fixed most of the major bugs and greatly polished the inventory.
    - Weapon mods have new sprites and look like robo parts (kinda)
    - nerfed bison
    - unless set otherwise, the screen resolution will try to autodetect your screen size.
    - Fire bullets now use shader fun fx
    - Among other minor fixes and changes.
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