Cart Crawlers a6

A twinstick TF2 themed rougelite

  1. Bugfix Update

    Cartcrawlers 0.3.1 is out
    This is a bugfix update for 0.3 to fix many of gamebreaking issues


    You now drop your held weapon when you pickup a new one if you already have 2 weapons

    Cacti are less invulnerable.

    Weapon Mod Items no longer block your shots

    Starting a new round no-longer leaves you without ammo

    Flamethrower ammo is now obtainable

    Collecting ammo with a melee weapon now grants some of every kind of ammo (instead of nothing and "splashTest")

    Max ammo pools have been increased

    Ammo packs give a little more ammo than they used to

    menus no-longer offset wierdly between rounds

    fire sentry bots now respect the game being paused

    the starting with ascattergun bug is fixed

    the loch shouldn't be a scattergun anymore (in theory)

    sir nukes is now less suicidal

    and a few other minor things
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