Cart Crawlers a4

A twinstick TF2 themed rougelite


    UPDATE 0.3

    Note: While this update has many new features its still very buggy so be warned.

    To report bugs, request features, compare scores and such check out the dedicated discord channel.

    The previous version on this site was 0.1, 0.2 existed but I kept , so the change-log below will be from 0.1 to 0.3.

    - Solder, Pyro, and Demo are now fully playable.
    - Many new weapons added. Including the blackbox, bison, candycane, winger, and more.
    - 5 new zones in various stages of completeness, with 5+ new enemies to encounter!
    - New weapon modification system, weapons from chests will have slots you can put these into, to shoot faster, and shoot more.
    - Ammo system was revamped, guns now have clips and need reloading.
    - Barely working online leaderboards.
    - You can ride the cart.

    And more, I've updated the screenshots too, so check them out and give it a shot.
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