Multi Stage Candyland a7d

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|changed some cover around at last
|made one of the dropdown routes two-way
|visual changes to use new assests
|map is funnier
+added flowers
|adjusted geo around last a tad
|adjusted geo around CP1
|adjusted and placement of some pickups
|fixed a missing clip brush
|fixed soundscape regression
|packed missing sounds and misc stuff
+added a second RED spawn exit
+new placeholder props

|redesigned CP1 a bit
|redesigned the routing connecting CP1 to CP2
|other things probably
+added more cover for RED on CP2
|adjusted size of some pickups

|increased the length of the cart track for CP2 by 128hu
|other fixes
|visual fixes
|fixed missing some scripts not being packed
|fixed unintended crack sightline
|fixed the midcap not preventing the cart from receding past it
|reduced RED respawntime by 1 second
+added chocolate bar that will once again allow RED to get on top of the cake
|raised RED's spawn exit
|changed the door prop for RED spawn to allow them to see thru it
|visual fixes/updates
|changed some geo around CP1 to hopefully allow to an easier RED hold
|adjusted health kit size and placements
|adjusted soundscapes
|adjusted surfaceprop of cake
|changed sound that the GiftBombs play when
|made the balloon animals happier