Candyland (Stage 3)

Multi Stage Candyland (Stage 3) a3

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+added new building at cp2 and more cover around the area for defenders
|altered the orientation of the entrance into the flank for BLU at cp3

|altered the orientation of the ramp leading up to BLU's dropdown
|other minor cover adjustments
|various pickup size and placement adjustments
|various detailing stuff

Major changes are being worked on but rather than introduce a lot of major changes at once I want to test each one at a time to see if they make the map for or less fun.
-removed water route flank at last, replaced it with solid ground and a dropdown that connects to the angled building
-removed flank on cp2
-removed one-way doors at cp3

|rearranged the battlements at cp3
|made the bridge at cp3 thinner
|raised the arch of the bridge on cp2

|pickup size and placement adjustments
|revamped the area below the bridge on cp2
|made it easier to jump up to the yellow balcony on cp1 as red, extended both ends out
|moved cp2 back further along the track
|moved cp3 back further along the track
|fixed missing screenoverlay texture
|fixed bouncing bed not working
|fixed cartsparks not working
|fixed RED spawns sometimes using the ones for cp2 and cp3, causing RED to spawn facing the wrong direction
|detailing changes
|prop fade adjustments

+added new ramp to connect the underside of cp2 to the main route

+added new windows for RED to use on cp1
+added new shack at cp3
+added some highground on cp3
+added new ramp to connect the main choke to the highground at cp2 for RED
+added new ramp to connect the lower part of cp3 to the midground
+added new doors that block off BLU's flanks until the points are captured
+added menu photos

more stuff probably
This is the first version of Stage 3, the download has been reverted back to a single stage for the time being, download test4b for the latest multistage version

This stage is held together by Twizzlers and chewing gum.

Mayor Ballionicorn is currently too busy with diplomacy and foreign affairs to attend this version
|fixed being able to prevent the cart from moving forwards with sticky bombs and other stuff
|changed some geometry around Stage A-1 to give spies more places to perch and uncloak
|changed some cover around Stage B-2

|updated some art assets
|made the cart music louder, let me know if it is too annoying
|visual updates
|fixed a server crash related to killing a spectator camera.
|updated menu photos to remove
an error.
+added sign that points BLU time towards their shortcut route on Stage B after the midpoint is capped
+added small health kit on top of the hoodoo by BLU's Stage A spawn.
+added new cart model.
+added new art assets / some are temporary.
+added new sound effects.
+added an additional creature.
+added more cover and fleshed out a sentry gun cubby on Stage B
block bullets to various plank ramps to fill in the gaps so explosions and such will not go through them.
+enabled random crits for melee weapons only.
|updated soundscapes
|various cases of
respawn room visualizer depth sorting issues have been fixed.
|nudged BLU's spawn points on Stage B back 16hu
|made the hut on Stage A-2 slightly harder to get up on
|changed spec cam angles and
|Ms. Pauling's voice is now pitched up (I think? idk hard to test)
|removed some clutter on Stage A-1
|changed the bouncy balls in spawns to be a bed, less confusing for
|fixed cart rotating during its descent into the ending elevator on Stage A (this fix doesn't work for Stage B yet because it has no next path track yet)
|fixed an OOB exploit on Stage A
|changed to textures to of the one-way doors to a different texture, which is opaque instead of see through.
|fixed potential problem with the Stage B fog not being switched to Stage A's fog on next round for some players on RED.
|lowered windows on BLU's flank on Stage A-2 to allow for sentries to peak over more easily.
|visual improvements and additions to Stages A and B
|tweaked health kit placement and sizes on Stages A and B

|changed particle for when the cart starts receding.
|adjusted geo around one of BLU's flanks for Stage B-1
|adjusted geo around Stage B's opening area
|updated 3D skybox again
|adjusted clipping in various areas
|made cake sloppy once
|raised the skybox on the opening area of Stage B
|preventative measures taken against a potential crash on Stage A due to dense
|fixed a few unintended sniper sightlines on Stage A
|filesize optimizations

some other things I might have forgotten
|extended cart path on stage 2 cp2 slightly by 128hu
|altered some cover on stage 2 cp2

|visual changes and improvements to use new assests
|fixed typo causing a sound effect not to play
|updated menu photos
|updated whiteboard text
|visual fixes
|visual enhancements
|lightmap optimizations
|converted some wav files into mp3
|updated menu photos

|updated Balloonicorn appear sound
|updated win music
+added suspicious staircase to stage 2 cp2, to help RED players clear out BLU's flank with ease
|fixed various visual bug, introduced more probably

|updated skybox textures
|nudged RED's spawnpoint forward on stage 1
|altered RED's stage 1 spawn to have less dead space, resupply cabients are closer now
|health and ammo adjustments on stage 1 cp2
+added new chat command thanks to Leezo which will allow you to toggle the screen overlay on and off, use '/toggle' to do so
|fixed spec cams on stage 2 being able to be used on stage 1
|changed some pickups
|visual fixes