cache a7

Domination mode (cp_standin style)

  1. name changing and game changing

    Mess About
    changed the map name from cp_gratuite to cp_cache, because the base is hidden. If you know (or have) a map that has the same name, please let me know.

    map change:
    Introducing the 4th mini-CP (called D), I call it "mini" because it only takes half the time to cap compared to normal CPs. This point will act as a "emergency cap" for losing team that has lost most of its control over the map.
    I believe there is a thin line between "this map ends way too quickly" and "damn this map last forever"...
  2. pre-pare

    Mess About
    last update for the Minor contest, send thought and prayer pls

    I tried to keep the cp_standin' spirit with long cap time but seem like it doesn't work, rounds last too quickly

    - Cap time reduce from 44s to 24s (equal to default koth cap time)
    - Relocate health and ammo packs to favor Attackers
    - Expand the CP' cap zones
    - Remove A & C spawn shutters because they serve no purpose
    - Minor rework on the connection lobby, remove the unnecessary 2nd floor
    - Minor rework on spawns, move the main...
  3. major update - operation squeezing

    Mess About
    big update: scale the map down horizontally and vertically, change layout of A, B & C

    this update took so long that i can't even remember what changes that were made, so here some screenshots:

    A site

    C site

    B site

    Connecting lobby for A, B & C
  4. another free update

    Mess About
    another minor update:
    expand the connection between A & B, now has a 2nd floor
    *it's rotated symmetrical instead of mirrored, but consider the input (door entrances) are the same, it really doesn't matter

    update spawn areas to make them look a bit nicer
    add penis rocks and awning to prevent fall damage
  5. free update

    Mess About
    experimental minor update in preparation for the major one

    - 10 mins time limit, no reset after cap
    - All capture zones are now 256x256 (hu), make it more difficult to capture
    - Spawn wave timer reduce from 7s to 6s, same as koth game mode
    - Rework connecting lobby between A and C
    - B has some small changes
    - Optimization
  6. complete overhaul

    Mess About
    I have so many ideas but can't force my ADHD-ass to finish a single one, so I have to continue to update this mess-about map.

    Completely rework the whole map, except spawn areas which are just a few brushes put together

    Change the map's domination game mode to cp_standin style for testing purpose

    A site, look to B and C doors
    cp_gratuite_a20000.jpg cp_gratuite_a20001.jpg

    B site
    C site

    A & C rotation...