Brash a5b

King of the hill map set up in a forest with medieval castles.

  1. Probably now it's a map

    Changes from a4:
    The map theme was changed to the architectural conservation site.

    -Reworked indoor areas of houses.
    -Reworked left flank route.
    -Buildings got lowered relative to the ground.
    -The cliff with broken hut was replaced with another house.
    -The stone bridge was replaced with a wooden covered bridge.
    -Removed water (sad).
    -Removed top spawns.
    -Rearranged left doors on spawns to face a different direction.
    -Added scaffoldings around buildings.
    -Adjusted displacements


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  2. The update of MY MAP

    -Reworked bridge.
    -Reworked river arches leading to the mid.
    -Reworked towers (made smaller).
    -The water level is higher.
    -Windows now can't be used as a sniping spot (but you can still peek through them).
    -Added hut on the bridge.
    -Added broken hut on the hill.
    -Bridge got lowered
    -Removed rock005.mdl.
    -Castle buildings have the second floor that leads to the hut on the hill.

    -Added lights inside the river arches leading to mid.
    -Added lights under the bridge.

    Health and ammo...