boatride a3

payload, single stage map for the payload checklist contest

  1. alpha 3 - gameplay fix

    Third alpha update, I tried my best to fix the flow issues and fixed some bugs, also I changed the payload.

    Update log:

    • New payload
      • The boat now has a front sail made of steel for cover, and it now looks more like a boat
      • Retextured
    • Gameplay fixed
      • Removed some alternative paths
      • Added some
      • Changed smaller rooms layout
      • Added more covers and details
      • The last part still needs improvements
    • Minor detailing
    • Lightened the map a...
  2. a2 update

    First update of the map, changelog:

    • Custom boat, packed with the map, glow through walls, tell me what you think
    • added layout parts
      • ramps next to blu spawn
      • pit between second and third CP
      • lifted final stretch ramp
      • removed some sightlines
    • added indications at red spawn
    • started texturing first blu spawn
    • reworked first blu spawn exit area
    • payload rollback areas.
    This map still needs some balacing, I am afraid blu is OP, and I really...