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  1. Your Local Scout Main

    CP_Warehouse a2_v2

    3 Points Point A [Kind of open area, elevated platform, health and ammo] Point B [Massive open area, elevated platform, 2 floors, health and ammo] Point C [Inclosed area, no health or ammo, even ground] And bots work [If bots do not work, have sv_cheats set to 1, and type in nav_generate in...
  2. ThatOneKaiser

    koth_coldcrush_a1 A1

    Its a simple alpha koth map.
  3. ShadowisCoolx3

    Koth_Gateway_A1 Koth_Gateway_A1

    this is my second map ever made, sorry if it sucks, I'm fairly new to mapping. It was also made in a rush. (3 days and a half) It really needs further testing, though, Feel free to give feedback if needed. I hope you enjoy.
  4. Vanuz

    Expendables a3

    In this small facility our mercenaries fights, probably for nothing at all. My attempt to create something for 72 hour jam.
  5. onra77

    boatride a3

    Hello people, This is my second full scale map ever, so be gentle please. This map is a single stage payload, inside a building. The plan is to design it as a theme park ride. The map starts at an embarcation for the ride for the BLU team, and the read team can defend through maintenance...
  6. Zonicsto

    Prime b1_v2

    Hello! I'm doing a remake of my first level because... idk, but I like how it goes and I want to share it to know your opinion.
  7. Drolmel Muncher of Souls

    artefact a8

    a museum warehouse with copious amounts of vents and alcohol player destruction with several capture areas my first map
  8. Retro_Game_kid

    Storehouse a1

    a small king of the hill map set in a warehouse somewhere in teufort
  9. Der dasMann

    Inf_Gronzni A1

    This is something I wanted to work on for a long time, the inspiration for this was a Source mod I once saw called Jaykin' Bacon. I thought to myself "How could this look like in TF2?" Well, I dont know, but I do think that a stealth based mode, custom or not, would be pretty good. So why not...