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Bluff A4

A somewhat unique take on competitive 5cp.

  1. Paper_
    This 5cp map was made with help from Hyce (Logjam, Alamosa, Waterton), Lucrative (https://www.twitch.tv/lucrativetf), and Luc's PUG friends on the King's Crew discord and elsewhere.

    The map revolves around large height differences and the application of old and classic map design structures that have been tweaked and improved to fit the modern competitive experience.


    (Note: A1 and A2 are not present as they were tested and iterated upon very quickly before this post was made)


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Recent Reviews

  1. lucrative
    Version: A4
    Paper is a great developer to work with and this map really showcases his innovative geometry and fighting arenas. This map is really unique and plays so so smooth and I can't wait for the beta release!