Bluff A4

A somewhat unique take on competitive 5cp.

  1. There's just snow better way to update a map

    -Theme change, now has mild snow and mud instead of dirt and grass
    -Changed last spawn doors to be at 90 degree angle rather than head-on
    -Added dropdown into secret from Right (attacker's perspective) Lobby, made the original "entrance" into secret bigger and shifted closer to the ramp nearby
    -Added beams you can stand on and play around in Last
    -Added trapezoid thing on Last that allows for easier travel between sides of the room and potential hiding spot oppertunity
    -Added new...
  2. hotfix

    Adjusted the connecting ramp in lobby (room with grate to large shutter) to be wider, allowing players to use it without triggering the nearby shutter (and for other potential benefits).