Blastpitt b14

Foundry-themed payload map.

  1. Update to version b14

    • Added a flank around B point.
    • A-B yard cover has been adjusted.
    • Moved rightmost exit from A building to adjacent wall to spread exits out a bit.
    • Removed the slide part under the top exit from A building.
  2. Update to version b12

    • Fixed CUtlLinkedList overflow crash.
    • Fixed some clipping issues.
  3. Version b11 LDR fix

    • Fixed missing LDR lighting.
  4. Update to version b11

    • Removed about half of particle effects from skybox to see if it will prevent CUtlLinkedList overflow errors.
  5. Update to version b10

    • Adjusted light colors around the map.
    • Replaced the side shack in initial area in front of BLU spawn with a crane.
    • Fixed being able to shoot through wooden barricade on the bridge at C.
    • Added fences to the lower area of C.
    • Somewhat smoothed out displacements around the map.
    Known issue - derped and only compiled with LDR.
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  6. Update to version b9

    • Added a ramp to vent entrance to B.
    • Moved some pickups about.
    • Fixed some clipping issues.
    • Removed crates from upstairs area of A.
  7. Update to version b8

    • Fixed some minor clipping issues.
    • Attempted some more optimization.
    • Changed exterior soundscapes to harbor_center.
    • Added lightshafts to building between C and D.
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  8. Update to version b7

    • Compiled with HDR.
    • Fixed invisible grate at final area.
    • Redesigned the long building between C and last.
    • Minor fixes.
  9. Update to version b6

    • Extended upper area on last to allow better sentry coverage.
    • Added stairs to the suspended platform on last.
    • Added cover to small shack before C.
    • Added boxes to said shack to allow engineers to easilly climb it.
    • Added sightline blocker at C.
    • Fixed incorrect fades for areaportal windows at B.
    • Increased height of central highground at B.
    • Moved large ammopack below C to corner near small shack.
    • Fixed some other minor issues.
  10. Update to version b5

    • Adjusted spawn times for RED for B C and D points.
    • Fixed some clipping issues.
    • Fixed missing and incorrect particles.
    • Locked the wide well door behind C untill B is captured to prevent easy flanking of RED spawn while A is being defended.
    • Removed the locked door at final area.