Blastpitt a5

Foundry-themed payload map.

  1. Update to version a5

    • Redesigned B point building and forward spawns.
    • Redesigned side route to A.
    • Moved A back to initial position.
  2. Update to version a4

    • Sightline adjustments.
    • Widened side route leading to A point from BLU side.
    • Fixed being able to build in BLU spawn.
    • Added a way up to the upper area before last.
    • Extended upper balcony around final.
  3. Update to version a3

    • Added rollback zone to the final ramp.
    • Adjusted lighting in most areas.
    • Redesigned back route between second and third points.
    • Added an upper entrance to second point building.
    • Redesigned forward spawn placement.
    • Added additional route between third point and final.
    • Pushed first point slightly further.
  4. Update to version a2

    • Clipped a bunch of problematic spots, theres probably more around.
    • Added a heat warp particle over the cauldron.
    • func_rotating