Blastpitt b8

Foundry-themed payload map.

  1. Update to version b8

    • Fixed some minor clipping issues.
    • Attempted some more optimization.
    • Changed exterior soundscapes to harbor_center.
    • Added lightshafts to building between C and D.
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  2. Update to version b7

    • Compiled with HDR.
    • Fixed invisible grate at final area.
    • Redesigned the long building between C and last.
    • Minor fixes.
  3. Update to version b6

    • Extended upper area on last to allow better sentry coverage.
    • Added stairs to the suspended platform on last.
    • Added cover to small shack before C.
    • Added boxes to said shack to allow engineers to easilly climb it.
    • Added sightline blocker at C.
    • Fixed incorrect fades for areaportal windows at B.
    • Increased height of central highground at B.
    • Moved large ammopack below C to corner near small shack.
    • Fixed some other minor issues.
  4. Update to version b5

    • Adjusted spawn times for RED for B C and D points.
    • Fixed some clipping issues.
    • Fixed missing and incorrect particles.
    • Locked the wide well door behind C untill B is captured to prevent easy flanking of RED spawn while A is being defended.
    • Removed the locked door at final area.
  5. Update to version b4

    • Moved B point more to the center of the building it is in.
    • Added some cover to elevated platform on B.
    • Added large ammopack to the platform.
    • Added cubemaps.
    • Added soundscapes.
    • Added observer points.

    Known issues for this version:
    • Skybox particle effects are missing.
    • Map uses old, obnoxious version of the heatwarp effect over the cauldron.
  6. Update to version b3

    • Artpass is complete.
    • Changed lighting and skybox for the map.
    • Fixed some clipping issues and perch points.
    • Attempted to optimize map somewhat more.
  7. Update to version b2

    • Detailed more of the map.
    • Redesigned final point area.
    • Fixed some reported minor issues.
  8. Update to version b1

    • Artpassed about half of the map so far.
    • Fixed some minor issues reported during previous tests.
  9. Update to version a10

    • Artpassed BLU spawn, initial area and interior of A point building.
    • Added a stairwell connecting ground level and top level at final.
  10. Update to version a9

    • Added a stairwell connecting bottom level of last to ground level.
    • Added a door on last that closes off after C is capped.
    • Fixed a few clipping issues.