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  1. Tianes

    Sinthetic Prop Pack V1

    A portion of the props created for koth_synthetic_event Tianes - Models Blaholtzen - Textures, Concept Art & Sounds
  2. HelloThere

    mvm_koth_cauldron B2

    I'm back with yet another conversion! This time, a pretty special one, as it is the MVM-KOTH version of koth_cauldron, a Scream Fortress map, with all of the special and unique mechanics that that implies! RED team has entered a deal with Merasmus to receive temporary control over the Underworld...
  3. Exactol

    Cauldron Unusual Taunts final

    Effect Names Ghastly Gruel - Green Sinister Sauce - Purple Bubonic Brew - Orange See it on the workshop: Sprite/Concept by human1
  4. AsG_Alligator

    Blastpitt rc3

    Foundry-themed payload map. Hopefully not shit.