72hr Jam 2023 Blastoff2 a5c

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72hr Jam 2023 Blastoff2 a5c

Remake of pd_blastoff for the 72hr TF2Maps Jam 2023

A meme Player Destruction map where you have to collect Bart Simpson pickups and bring them to the control point to capture them, taking note to avoid the Horseless Headless Homer along the way. This is a from-the-ground-up remake of pd_blastoff made for the Jam, primarily due to the extremely poor brushwork and sniper hell in the original.

This map was initially created for the 72hr Jam 2023 and most of the work done on it was streamed live on Twitch. I plan to work on it further after the Jam ends.

Original map:

Aar (mapping, assets, voice)
Zeldaboy14 (models)
Claoose (posters)
Jamesnathen2/Flutterdrive (posters):

Gooby (made the original map koth_blastoff that pd_blastoff used as a base)
First release
Last update
Player Destruction

More downloads from Aarmastah

Latest updates

  1. a5c

    fixed bug making both teams score points for RED minor fixes etc (i was afraid to post this earlier because i thought it would disqualify this as a jam entry for some reason)
  2. a5a

    Repositioned/readjusted cover to make Sniper not nearly as strong Readjusted geometry in the flank area Added a new car showcase in the spawn area because James thought it'd look cool This is the final release of the Jam time period probably
  3. a4

    Added more cover to block sightlines Drastically altered geometry in spawn buildings Added two new entrances/exits to side buildings at mid (one being a flank connected to spawn buildings) Added new shaders to Homer and Bart models

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