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Blasted a1

A Small, Frontline-themed payload map.

(Note: Blasted is the working title. When it gets to around Beta, I'll probably make a name change.)

This is my major Frontline map, pl_blasted. I'm honestly surprised it took more than a month for this to enter A1.

Here's a basic rundown of the map:
BLU starts near a beach next to a gate that has been barricaded off with wood. As the tank approaches it, it destroys the barricade, giving BLU easier access to above the gate, and behind it. The cart continues into a more Port-like area that serves mainly as the RED base. After the cart is pushed all the way to the end, it shoots a ship, it sinks, and BLU wins.

  • Everyone who worked on the Frontline Assets
  • Everyone who made the Construction Assets
  • A Boojum Snark

Known Issues:
  • One of the BLU spawndoors clips through the ceiling
  • The wooden barricade has some weird clipping on it.
  • There are some major sightlines that need fixing.
  • There is no particle manifest yet. Sorry, but no tank particles for now.
  • B might be very hard to push out of.
  • There is a small crack in the BLU spawn roof
To-Do List
  • Add Supply Drops where it is necessary
  • Landmines maybe?
  • 3D Skybox
  • Add more routes.
  • Possibly a forward spawn?
First release
Last update

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