frontline payload

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  1. Mythics

    CoastSide A1a

    A frontline payload map that took me way to long to make and also my first pl map. Screenshots:
  2. eighttailedfox

    Mein Mines a5

    Mein Mines is a TugOWar payload map. Set on a small island, once used as a supply base for the Mercs. It's become a hotspot of war. Red vs Blu. Winner takes the supplies. Gamemode Entity work provided by fubar Custom Models from the Frontline Pack.
  3. Aquadango

    Frostbite a1a

    This is my first payload map I've every made. Toke a lot of motivation to finish a layout to test. I imagine that there will be lots of room for improvement and hopefully I can make this a fun map! Leave any bugs/feedback here.
  4. Funnystuf

    Blasted a1

    (Note: Blasted is the working title. When it gets to around Beta, I'll probably make a name change.) This is my major Frontline map, pl_blasted. I'm honestly surprised it took more than a month for this to enter A1. Here's a basic rundown of the map: BLU starts near a beach next to a gate...
  5. ★CamLikesCow★

    Frontline C.A.R.T. Animations

    Does anyone know what the different aim directions/animations are for the Tank Cart? I'm working on a payload map utilizing the tank's gun, and I can't really do anything without that.
  6. B!scuit

    Campainia A8

    Blu team are fighting to recover their tank which Red Team captured. At least, that's the plan. All the great Frontline assets made by the Frontline! project team
  7. M

    72hr Jam 2022 The Payload Cart 2016-07-24 Materials: - 01 Black Pigma Micron - 03 Black Pigma Micron - Prisma Colormarkers