Backwash B4

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Last major update before Connect 5 deadline
Changes -
  • Mid is basically flipped with choke entering on the highground.
  • The construction room leads to be longer but closer to mid.
  • Cap times are increased to stop wiping teams once to steamroll.
  • Some clipping.
  • Removed visclusters to improve fps dramatically.
  • Other stuff
I know the rock clips into the mid flank and it'll have to do :(
Changes -
  • Widened towers at spawn.
  • People holding mid now have a 2 second longer respawn.
  • An out of place looking fence otside lobby has been shortened.
  • Garage shutters have been untilted.
  • Clipping on doorframes.
  • Windows at mid have a (temporary) beam of light (to be widened).
  • Flank at mid has had a small detail rework with the strange pillar on the left bottom floor.
  • Ugly ramp at last is now a staircase.
  • Lobby has now had a minor revamp detail-wise (beams on rooves, boarded windows, doorway, broken roof, small balcony-thing.
  • 3D skybox
  • Skybox brushes above rooves between mid and rooves above lobby.
  • Hint brushes.
  • Areaportals around lobby, which caused the most unnecessary render issues.
  • Smaller fixes I fixed on the dot without writing down.
Changes -
  • Pipes under last have been changed to improve lighting.
  • The wooden hall before last has now got clipping around the scaffolding.
  • All game logic has been restored (i.e. doors, control points)
  • Added overlays on all health and ammo packs.
  • Windows behind the rock at mid now cast yellow light to brighten up darker areas.
  • Removed water outside second to prevent water-jumps and bad lighting.
  • Big new crag detail on the hill beside choke.
  • Added some rocks and an island in the ocean.
Changes -
  • Loads of detailing.
  • Optimisation.
  • Displacements.
  • Packing custom props and textures.
  • Clipping.
  • Some ramps have become less steep.
  • Some other very small changes.
No 3D skybox or overlays yet
Changes -
  • Simplified lobby (a bit).
  • Moved forward spawns.
  • Changed point names.
  • Second takes a tad longer to cap to avoid steamrolls from mid.
  • Removed ramp next to mid choke.
  • Made the under-area at last smaller.
Hopefully the next version will be beta.
Changes -
  • Opened up the crate route to second.
  • Added fourth exit to second from the lobby.
  • Moved the small health route to a lower area with more health.
  • Water in the gameplay space.
  • Fixed a bug with the visleaves.
  • Widened choke.
Changes -
  • Removed railing
  • Increased defending respawn times
  • More lights
  • Removed flank to second
  • Reworked shorter route to mid
  • Added a compound between the choke and short route
  • A couple health pack things
  • Removed rocks at second
Changes -
  • Separated the well door outputs.
  • Shortened mid cap times.
  • Increased last cap times.
  • Given defenders height advantage on last.
  • Added side route to dropdown at last.
  • Replaced box jumps with stairs on the railing dropdown.
  • Changed to secondary route to a longer route more breathing room.
  • Changed underground route to a slightly shorter health route that exits at a different angle.
  • Changed the point area at second to a raised platform with cover.
  • Added some rocks
  • Burned the trees
Changes -
  • Remade the lobby before last again
  • Added some fences and pillars
  • Windows on last
  • Fixed a problem with players spawning in the wrong spawn
  • Added balcony area between spawn and last
  • Change health and ammo around
  • Raised skybox at mid
  • Some small clipping issues
Changes -
  • Changed the under flank for last
  • Changed the under flank for mid
  • Moved the ramp room entrance to last door to upper floor
  • Removed a rock or two
  • Health kit patches
  • Respawn room door
  • Changed the final points & spawns
  • Control point logic changes
  • Some lights
  • That should be it I think