Attrition Prefab

Attrition Prefab v2

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Attrition Prefab v2

5cp with moba-like elements.

Gamemode Rules:

  • To win, teams must capture the MAIN control point.
  • Teams start with a respawn wave timer of 5 seconds. Every minute 5 seconds are added to wave time, maxing out after 6 adds.
  • Match starts with 30 seconds of setup time.
  • All points start unlocked at round start.
  • Middle point starts neutral and can be capped by either team to respawn teammates.
  • Red and Blue Forward points provide 10 secs of crits to teams that cap them.

Includes custom hud icons that show what the points do.

I play a lot of Heros of The Storm, the goal of this is to try and create a similar experience in TF2. The main feature of this is a respawn timer that gets long as the rounds progress; hopefully encouraging big team fights in the late game over resources while also having cool early to mid-game action with crit pushes into last.

I'm still working on a map for this, but I think map design wise levels should have 2 main lanes with connectors off shooting into an open mid?

Feel free to change anything about how this works if you use it.
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  1. v2

    - Gamemode no longer uses arena, had issues with people joining mid round. - Changed the way respawns work, respawn waves now start at 5 seconds and increase by 5 every 60 seconds until it hits 6 refires. - Created custom hud icons to show what...