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ascent a2

Arena with limited respawns

  1. zahndah
    Collab map with MrHyperion. Will be iterated on for the mayann community project.

    Currently, it is arena however each team has a set ammount of respawns as a team (8 total per team). Im planning to get some visual representation of this but not sure how best to go about it.

    arena_ascent_a10000.jpg arena_ascent_a10001.jpg arena_ascent_a10002.jpg arena_ascent_a10003.jpg arena_ascent_a10004.jpg arena_ascent_a10005.jpg arena_ascent_a10006.jpg arena_ascent_a10007.jpg arena_ascent_a10008.jpg arena_ascent_a10009.jpg arena_ascent_a10010.jpg

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  1. ascent a2, the ascention