arena_pool 72hr

We have no lifeguards, so don't drown!

  1. 72hr jam final

    -Textured some more
    -Added props
    -Added soundscapes
    -I've manually packed the cubemaps so there should be no problems about that

    I've finished when there was 13min remaining. Thank god its over now
  2. Alpha 6 Hotfix

    -Compilled the cubemaps on another machine to make sure they were working
  3. Alpha 6

    -I give up on fixing the cubemaps
    -Pushed the spawns farther back
    -Textured some more
  4. Alpha 5

    -Started texturing BLU side
    -Pushed spawns back a bit
    -The map is now nighttime
    -Cubemaps are fixed????????????
    -Made manual collision on some props
    -The water is now more reflective
  5. Alpha 4

    -Fixed bugs with the water at mid
    -Added a sound when the water drains
    -Added skylight windows
    -Textured RED side a ton
    -Added more cover on mid
    -Added side routes to the upper part
    -The hallways are hopefully not as bland as they where
  6. Alpha 3

    -Made mid better
    -Started texturing a bit
    -Made ammo pickups smaller
    -Added a small health kit
    -Added height variation
    -Hopefully cubemaps are built
  7. a2