arena_oilrig b12

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Deleted a bunch of brushes and then readded them with a lot less overlap and messiness. i also curved some corners and added a new window that no one will ever look at.
Did you look at the skybox and ask, "Why does the water stop over there" or "Why in the world are there mountains in the distance, we are on an oilrig. Ask no more, I have fixed at least one of those issues. now instead of asking those questions, you ask, "Why does that fog over there look so weird" or "Why is there a square of water around the oilrig that has a weird glare on it" or "Why are there mountains behind the fog on the skybox." These questions are valid, but sometimes you just have to ignore things for the sake of it.
Note - I'm pretty sure I didn't fix the water being made an entity to try it out, but it doesn't really matter, and I've already fully packed the update and am just now remembering it. I don't think mountain did anything this update except give a thumbs up.
Fixed an unknown number of weird things and removed the power lines. Mountain Man did a few more things to "fix" the map. it probably come out better than it did before.
Adds an observatory/office at the top of the buildings for people to look at. also fixed the corner turning because it seemed like you could go in there. there is now a big do not go in there sign.
Adds at the very least power lines. pretty sure i did a bit of clipping and decorating, but ive been on this version for a while because i forgot to release it.
Adds a new room at the top of the ramp that you cant enter that just exists to make the place look bigger than it really is. also adds more random props to make the place look actually used, even though most of the walls still look pretty bare. fixed a few of the light intensity issues from last version. and figured out that if you have a weird light error, just delete stuff untill it works, and remake it using the other side as a template :D.
I added a whole bunch of lights and decked out blu's spawn a bit. Red is still the unloved spawn, will add stuff to it next time. ill update the screenshots soonish. It also removed a few props way out in the void that existed for some reason.
Cleaned up a few things, made it to where you can get airblasted off the spawn room window without also being able to rocket/sticky jump out in the preround. Added a whole bunch of clipping around objects that needed it. I also readded the pillers under the map that holds up the oilrig, it was just floating before. Also adding screenshots.
Thanks a bunch to Mountain Man (or McNoodle to some) for help with this update. he praticly did everything. This might not have been packed correctly, updating so others can test for me.
Makes the hall look better, widens the ramp door a bit, and adds a hall to the cylinder, which has a troll in it for no reason (will probably get rid of though). Thanks to Kos for pointing out some problems that are fixed this update.