arena_oilrig b12

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arena_oilrig b12

A small arena map, it is also my first.

A small arena map that is set above the ocean on an oilrig. I had help with the layout a bit from a more experienced mapper.
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Latest updates

  1. More window, More Cleanliness that no one can actually see. And a new curve

    Deleted a bunch of brushes and then readded them with a lot less overlap and messiness. i also curved some corners and added a new window that no one will ever look at.
  2. Ocean looks like an ocean now

    Did you look at the skybox and ask, "Why does the water stop over there" or "Why in the world are there mountains in the distance, we are on an oilrig. Ask no more, I have fixed at least one of those issues. now instead of asking those questions...
  3. B10

    Fixed an unknown number of weird things and removed the power lines. Mountain Man did a few more things to "fix" the map. it probably come out better than it did before.