Multi Stage Antelao A2C

Oh look, it's another alpine map!

  1. PL Antelao A2C

    Moved some cabinets around on stage 1
    Moved some cabinets around on stage 2
    Adjusted the spawn time for stage 1 to make A easier to defend
    Changed a flank exit on stage 1 to fix some issues
    Fixed a clipping issue on stage 1 last
    Added a staircase for blue to have easy access to the flank route
    Added a flank route to stage 2's choke to A
    A on stage 2 had some work done so the usual sentry spots are a little easier to see/destroy
    Adjusted some spawntimes for last
  2. PL Antelao A2B

    Added a light to the full medkit on first stage's last
    Changed a few building sizes
    Made last on the first stage not one giant rollback zone. It is now a hill
    Fixed an issue with the dropdown door
    Added some height to the second stage

    Fixed stage 3 logic (woopsy)
  3. PL Antelao A1D

    Fixed a gate issue
  4. PL Antelao A1C

    Fixed a logic issue with stage 3
    Added a nobuild to stage 3's forward spawn
    Fixed stage 2's dropdown doors, they now close
    Added a flank to stage 2's transition building
    Added an alternate route on stage 1 to get into the flanks of the transition building
  5. PL Antelao A1B

    Added more health
    Fixed a logic issue
    Added respawn visualisers
    Fixed a texture issue
    Removed a huge sightline on the first stage
  6. PL Antelao A1A

    The map has been completely remade to fix the scaling issues and some layout issues.
  7. PL Antelao A2


    Stage 1:
    Spruced up some of the hallways with some stuff and things
    Moved resupply cabinets in red's first stage spawn
    Added a second exit to blu's forward spawn on stage 1
    Added some cover to stage 1's last
    Moved around some health on stage 1's last
    Removed an exit on red's spawn, it was too easy for blue to access

    Stage 2:
    Move a resupply locker in blu's spawn closer to the door, allowing them to get out easier
    Moved the wall across in blu's stage 2 spawn to avoid snipers shooting in...