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May 27, 2017
Antelao - Oh look, it's another alpine map!

Well after a break and such, I'm back with a map.

This is an alpine themed multi-stage PL map.

Story behind the map is that a fleet of red ships engaged a blue fleet, all but 1 red ships were destroyed. It fled to a remote dock for repairs, not aware it we being tracked by the blues.
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May 27, 2017

Stage 1:
Spruced up some of the hallways with some stuff and things
Moved resupply cabinets in red's first stage spawn
Added a second exit to blu's forward spawn on stage 1
Added some cover to stage 1's last
Moved around some health on stage 1's last
Removed an exit on red's spawn, it was too easy for blue to access

Stage 2:
Move a resupply locker in blu's spawn closer to the door, allowing them to get out easier
Moved the wall across in blu's stage 2 spawn to avoid snipers shooting in
Moved one of the spawn exits on blu's second stage spawn up so they have height when leaving
Filled in some empty space to make things not feel so big
Fixed blu's stage 2 forward spawn not having a respawn trigger
Slightly decreased the size of the big red building at point 1 on stage 2. Made it more interesting and filled too
Added a sign in the big red building to show red the shortcut to the point
Added some health to stage 2
Added a nobuild to the rocks at stage 2's final as well as clipping
Decreased the size of some of the buildings

Stage 3:
Changed some building sizes

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May 27, 2017
Fixed a logic issue with stage 3
Added a nobuild to stage 3's forward spawn
Fixed stage 2's dropdown doors, they now close
Added a flank to stage 2's transition building
Added an alternate route on stage 1 to get into the flanks of the transition building

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May 27, 2017
Added a light to the full medkit on first stage's last
Changed a few building sizes
Made last on the first stage not one giant rollback zone. It is now a hill
Fixed an issue with the dropdown door
Added some height to the second stage

Fixed stage 3 logic (woopsy)

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May 27, 2017
Moved some cabinets around on stage 1
Moved some cabinets around on stage 2
Adjusted the spawn time for stage 1 to make A easier to defend
Changed a flank exit on stage 1 to fix some issues
Fixed a clipping issue on stage 1 last
Added a staircase for blue to have easy access to the flank route
Added a flank route to stage 2's choke to A
A on stage 2 had some work done so the usual sentry spots are a little easier to see/destroy
Adjusted some spawntimes for last

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