Alloy rc3

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Alloy rc3

A Gravel Pit style map where C unlocks after the first capture

Workshop page

3rd place winner of the Dynamic Control Point contest!

Yrrzy - Layout
Phi - Artpass and some assorted gameplay changes/help

Alloy is a Gravel Pit style map set in and around a RED Steel Mill, where the final point becomes available after the first capture.
BLU can choose which point they wish to capture first and whether or not to capture the second before moving to C.
Each point awards different advantages to capturing C, and capturing both awards both advantages at once.

In short - Cap A or B to unlock C, cap C to win the game, capping both points makes it easier to cap C but each point gives its own advantage when captured alone.

Thanks to Egan for logic help

newboard1.png newboard2.png ss2.png ss3.png ss4.png ss5.png ss6.png ss7.png ss8.png ss9.png ss10.png ss11.png ss12.png ss13.png ss14.png ss15.png ss16.png ss17.png ss18.png ss19.png
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. hey remember when i was going to update this map like a year ago

    -shortened spawn times -shortened cap times on A and B -easier-to-read diagram in Blu Spawn -some window things outside Red Spawn to give a buffer between leaving spawn and being able to attack enemies nearby -new wall in the lobby area to break...
  2. reupload after data loss

  3. Graphical update

    - Miscellaneous graphical updates - Lighting changes around C - Updated to use the new deer props from Sunshine - Replaced some messy prop areas with clean brushwork (smoother for movement and explosives) - Blocked off a certain roof again -...

Latest reviews

Looks absolutely amazing! Feels like a genuine TF2 map! Would love to see it added into the game
it is a pretty good map in my opinion and it deserves to add to the game