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Alloy rc3

A Gravel Pit style map where C unlocks after the first capture

  1. hey remember when i was going to update this map like a year ago

    -shortened spawn times
    -shortened cap times on A and B
    -easier-to-read diagram in Blu Spawn
    -some window things outside Red Spawn to give a buffer between leaving spawn and being able to attack enemies nearby
    -new wall in the lobby area to break a weird sightline
    -changed sentry blocker thing on the open side of C
    -other misc changes that i genuinely dont remember
  2. reupload after data loss

  3. Graphical update

    - Miscellaneous graphical updates
    - Lighting changes around C
    - Updated to use the new deer props from Sunshine
    - Replaced some messy prop areas with clean brushwork (smoother for movement and explosives)
    - Blocked off a certain roof again
    - Extended B hut to be more usable for attacking scouts
  4. RC2 - Major updates!

    - Demolished and rebuilt B building
    - B point is now much more open, and lower
    - New, higher entrace for Blu
    - A-B connector now lower due to point being lowered
    - C Point changes
    - Area behind point now lower, entrance onto point
    - Door closes when A and B are capped
    - Little room behind point now useful for cover but can't cap from within
    - A changes
    - Roofs now jumpable, however players will slide off if they land on them
    - New, shallower roof added for jumping classes to...
  5. stopwatch fix - for real this time

    - fixed point logic for stopwatch again
    - fixed a nonsolid prop you could hide stickies inside
  6. HL update

    Updated on request of ETF2L

    - Fixed capture logic to work with stopwatch games
    - Added railings to bridges that raise when both A & B are capped

  7. Minor post-rc updates

    - Added soundscapes
    - Added particle effects in molten steel pit
    - Fixed some weird textures/geometry
    - Made dynamic point logic easier to test/demonstrate (for Fantasmos)


    1. cp_alloy ss16.png
    2. cp_alloy ss17.png
  8. Release Candidate

    - Altered the way C bonuses work, bridges remain the same but the platforms only raise when both points are captured.
    - Bugfixes all over
    - Polish all over


    1. cp_alloy ss1.png
    2. cp_alloy ss2.png
    3. cp_alloy ss3.png
    4. cp_alloy ss4.png
    5. cp_alloy ss5.png
    6. cp_alloy ss6.png
    7. cp_alloy ss7.png
    8. cp_alloy ss8.png
    9. cp_alloy ss9.png
    10. cp_alloy ss10.png
    11. cp_alloy ss11.png
    12. cp_alloy ss12.png
    13. cp_alloy ss13.png
    14. cp_alloy ss14.png
    15. cp_alloy ss15.png
    16. cp_alloy ss16.png
    17. cp_alloy ss17.png
  9. blu respawn update

    - shortened blu respawn times
    - moved respawnroomvisualizers forward
    - misc tweaks/fixes
  10. misc bugfixes and new route

    - Fixed some issues around the map
    - Added new route through train tunnel from A to C


    1. cp_alloy_b4 changes ss1.png
    2. cp_alloy_b4 changes ss2.png
    3. cp_alloy_b4 changes ss3.png
    4. cp_alloy_b4 changes ss4.png
    5. cp_alloy_b4 changes ss5.png
    6. cp_alloy_b4 changes ss6.png
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