alleycap b1


  1. it's a beta

    Stuff i changed:
    -Lower side areas now connect to the CP via a tunnel
    -Higher side areas now have a doorway to the CP
    -Changed the courtyard area a bit
    -Added another small medpack and ammopack
    -Lightning is now less boring
    -(most) issues i got from feedback were adressed

    Custom stuff i added:
    -Coffee machine and bonk machine models made by...
  2. more stuff

    A5 Notes:
    -Lowered point to the ground
    -Catwalks by the middle area are now smaller and have less hand rails
    -Added a small plataform on top of the point
    -Changed healtkits on the higher area to be small ones
    -Changed first set of stair on the right side
    -Clipped the "crate" climb on the left side to make it a smooth climb
    -Left corridor is now less cramped and has a door to block sentry sight
    -Elevator doors are now two-way
    -Elevator area is now acessible to any class
    -Made some routes more...
  3. stuff

    A4 notes:
    - Sewer ramps are now wider
    - Worked more on the side areas
    - Added a one-way flank route at the top side area, accessible only to jump classes
    - Hole under the Control Point is now circular and smaller
    - Hole under the Control Point now has a gate that closes each time a team holds the point for 30 seconds and opens on each point capture
  4. this map won't crash servers anymore (hopefully)

    a3 Change log:
    - Control point is now static (the moving entities probably caused a server crash)
    - Removed death pit
    - Added new areas to the side of the map
    - CP platform cables are no longer solid
    - Doors to the right of spawn are now wider and two-way
    - Removed most env_sprites from lights
    - Added 2 more small healthkits
    - Added Cubemaps
    - Burning oil drums no longer hurt
  5. koth_alleycap

    A2 notes:
    *added 3d skybox
    *added viewpoints for spectators/dead players
    *more detailing
    *fixed some floaty props and overlaping textures