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acme A4

pyroshark heaven, demoknight hell

Blue starts in a Field, Red starts in a Cave
In the middle, a Canyon.

Expect much spawncamping and an unbalanced experience.

Also Market Gardeners & Pyrosharks abound
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Easing back in

    haven't mapped in a long time so feeling a bit rusty basically rebuilt red's side of the map should be better, but we'll find out Also came up with a name: ACME (figured the map feels like a roadrunner episode)
  2. Re-centralisation

    Moved the Point more to the middle of the map Added a ramp in the flank up to the sniper nest The old point location is now a little less safe, but has a full healthkit
  3. Forget about Cordon

    A2 brings a new dirt texture, team swaps on round end, and some other changes. Map is now sealed, let see if it stays that way Brightened up a bunch of dark spots (including blue spawn) Made efforts to reduce blue getting camped (probably a...