72Vipers a6a

another map after like a year maybe

  1. a6a - quickie fixes

    -fixed some game breaking bugs like gap in floor and nodrawed wall
  2. a6 - the final countdown (at least for the jam)

    -increased mid size a bit on the sides
    -fixed gap in the displacements on both sides
    -removed unnecessary corners on some of the buildings, opening up their interior in the process
    -reworked right side building
    -added props n' stuff in some places
    -changed capture time from 16 to 9 seconds
    -added one-way windows to left side entrance to provide a little advantage to both attackers and defenders depending on the situation
    -aesthetic soundscapes

  3. a5a - oops

    -deleted a trigger brush that i forgot in the level lol
  4. a5 - mid changes

    -removed fences on mid, replaced with lowered rocks
    -added cover to side flanks of cp
    -fixed see-through walls
    -altered mid displacement hill to reduce steepness
    -*hopefully* fixed all of the spawn points

    new screenshots soon
  5. a4 - on point

    -changed the shape of the point a little
    -added hazard stripes to the point
    -added fences near the point to cut down on sightlines
    -altered mid building to eliminate long sightline
    -changed color of fencing and also fixed the height of ones on blu side
    -added sightline blocker to both spawns
    -set func_nobuild on the lower roof to prevent engineers nesting there
    -fixed gaps in wall caused by brushwork in the previous update and my stupidity
  6. a3 - "good" optimization pass

    -did a quick optimization pass to get rid of excess and small visleaves
    -lowered one of the roofs to allow classes to access them
    -smoothed a few displacements near point
    -removed duplicated health and ammo pack and the brushes near it
    -same for cp
    -made spawn fences taller, also connected the right side fences in a not so 45-degree manner
    -actually compiled with stair clipping for once
  7. a2 - smol update

    -tweaked mid a little bit by reducing the size of the sheds next to the point
    -left path to mid from spawn is now a one way drop instead of the staircase
    -altered skybox to remove visible nodraw in the exterior of the spawn

    note: removed hdr for now because i can't be bothered with it
  8. a1a - lighting update

    -fixed hdr lighting
    and new skybox