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Capture The Flag during a zombie invasion.

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    Zombie Fortress Curebase - Capture The Flag during a zombie invasion.

    Zombie Fortress Curebase (zf_curebase_a2) is a collaboration between Jack5 and My Name Is "Safety" which converts Moran24's Underbase into an linear, objective-based map. In Curebase, survivors are tasked with finding the cure for the BLU flu outbreak and returning it to their base, using the console there to upload it for the rest of the world to see. The original map has been changed greatly to fit this new purpose, including an entire room becoming flooded with hazardous liquid. Because of the gamemode (borrowed from DonutVikingChap's Infiltration), this map also supports RED bots, which will actively seek to capture the intelligence (but may act slightly strange since parts of the CTF logic are missing).

    Play Requirements
    This map may be playtested on any server, but in order to function as intended, it must be run on a server with a Zombie Fortress gamemode plugin. I personally recommend Super Zombie Fortress, as it is the most stable out of all the freely available Zombie Fortress plugins.

    Alpha 1 Update Log
    This section of the submission documents the changes made in version a1 of Zombie Fortress Curebase. For future changes, please refer to the updates log of this submission.
    • Entire map restructured into a linear forward path, with verticality de-emphasised.
    • Major changes to all spawn areas.
    • BLU players now teleport to one fixed location on the map, which changes as survivors progress.
    • Added dynamic doors near RED spawn to indicate the correct path to follow.
    • Added markers on the floor only visible to BLU players to show RED player direction.
    • Added hazardous liquid and fragile balcony to shipping area.
    • Adjusted positions of shipping containers and added smaller containers in shipping area.
    • Garage roughly halved in size.
    • Created new cart section to connect the two large wood rooms together, instead of the original long doorway.
    • Added intelligence and control point logic from Infiltration.
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    • Added more detail to map with assistance from My Name Is "Safety".
    • Intelligence now spawns near the hazard water when dropped into it.
    • Small door added so zombies can access the balcony if on lower floor.
    • Zombie spawn points during final sequence are now randomised.
    • Added VGUI photos with fixes to English file.
    • Changed position, orientation and text of zombie arrows.
    • Shortened long pathways and increased the size of some doorways.
    • Improved bot navigation.
    • Spawn locations and accessible areas changed.
    • Changes to health and ammo placement.
    • Fixed breakable fence casting shadows and disabled breaking for BLU team.
    • Adjusted entity attributes in the hopes that BLU players cannot pick up health or ammo.

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    • Timer now resets to max when intelligence is first picked up.
    • Added soundscapes to balcony passageway.
    • Moved balcony passageway to other side of garage and opened door slightly.
    • Improved textures near doorframe props.
    • Miscellaneous prop and overlay changes.
    • Fixed bad output that was causing zombie spawns not to update.
    • Deleted unused areas and textures.

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