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[WIP] CP Sabotage

Discussion in 'WIP (Work in Progress)' started by Rehsa4, Jul 18, 2008.

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    Here's the concept which I am currently blocking out and will upload scans of some concept sketches at work next week, but I am hoping to have it blocked out by this weekend.

    Red is in the country, while blu has a giant very advanced city. Red is pissed at blu as usual, thus red going to head off to the city to destroy it's power or something (not sure exactly what at this point).

    3 Rounds, 3 settings. 2 CPs per round.
    First round is getting out of the red countryside, mostly red decor in a farm or small cityscape.
    Second round is beaking into the city through the inner city walls. red decor outside, blue decor inside, really unique.
    Last round, breaking into a central main building and destroying the core... thinking on similar type of core idea like in iRobot with will smith.

    Here's a picture I found through stumble upon which brought up the idea and where I will be borrowing some of the architecture ideas from.
    (warning, HUGE)

    Since I don't really model well... I will be doing a TON of brushwork, which will be fun. This will still be in TF2 style, but I will be stretching the bounds a bit when it comes to the city. I'm going to try and keep this all within one skybox maybe... not sure yet.
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    that picture is awesome - love all the details. the city looks a little too futuristic for tf2 in my opinion but I'm excited to see what you create from that
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