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CTF windgap

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by wareya, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. wareya

    wareya L7: Fancy Member

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    windgap is a traditional ctf map based on "don't put the fucking intel behind the fucking spawn or make it a chokepointy mess of sentry gun heaven" aka learn from the mistakes that the stock ctf maps made.
    i know competitive players don't really like ctf that much but it would be amazing if they playtested this enough for me to make improvements to it, as it's in alpha and there's essentially no good precedent for ctf maps especially among the competitive mindset.

    download (a1): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1811521/ctf_windgap_a1-2.7z

    screenshots (a1):

    - areaportals (sorry ;_; complete in a2, holding out until I figure out where to put the forward spawn)
    - forward spawn (activates several seconds after initial spawn to negate some easy turtling, ie respawning as engineer to set up a sentry almost directly on the intel)
    - clipping
    - layout improvements thanks to you!!!1
    - detail

    - spawns are dev textured on the floor just to scream "this is early in development" to people who don't know what a1 means
    - yes being able to surf on the light near the intel is intentional -- I may replace this if it's decided that it's too weird
    - a majority of the cliff/dirt brushes are going to be displacements later so don't complain about weird visleaf stuff yet
  2. DonutVikingChap

    DonutVikingChap L5: Dapper Member

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    I thought this was badlands classic
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  3. wareya

    wareya L7: Fancy Member

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    alpha 2 has been released, which includes a moved up respawn (the initial spawn at the start of each round is still by the intel), better clipping and texturing, performance improvements, and no layout changes because I didn't get any feedback.
    dl: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1811521/ctf_windgap_a2.7z


    please give any feedback you have to offer, even if it's negative or amounts to "this map is really bad, scrap it and start over"
  4. Grizzly Berry

    aa Grizzly Berry

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    We imp'd this a couple weeks ago and you mention "don't put the fucking intel behind the fucking spawn or make it a chokepointy mess of sentry gun heaven," but that's exactly what you did. There was one spot in the middle of the map where a sentry was able to lock down all but one route and the intel was literally right outside of spawn. I also had trouble figuring out the spawn areas. A lot of ramps.

    Keep working at it though. You'll continue to learn if you keep hammering away :)
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  5. wareya

    wareya L7: Fancy Member

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    Where was the sentry spot? I can probably break it down, but I need to know exactly where first.

    Also, I changed the way the spawn works in a2, so it's not directly next to the respawn anymore. So, if an engineer dies defending the intel, they have to make a walk back to the base in addition to rebuilding, instead of just respawning right where they want their gun. The spawn room next to the intel is only used as a resupply and the spawn at the very start of the round; 15 seconds after the start, it moves up to the center of the area between mid and the base. I don't know if that's a good idea for where, but it's the only one I could think of where there would be multiple useful entrances/exits.

    When I say "behind the fucking spawn" I'm trying to say something about not giving defenders a way to defend the intelligence inside their own base from their spawn; hopefully having the respawn out in open avoids that, but I don't know yet. And, at the very least, the resupply's med cabinet is as out of the way as it can get without changing the resupply room itself for people running back and forth in the intel room.

    Thanks for your confidence.
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