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What makes a map enjoyable for your class?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by bob+M|M+, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. bob+M|M+

    bob+M|M+ L6: Sharp Member

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    In light of the new contest, I'd like to ask you all what makes a map enjoyable for your favorite class. what makes a map/spot good for YOUR class? I want to hear from every class to get a better perspective on how to make a map more well-rounded.

    I'll start -


    I love chokes where I know a ton of people are going to pass through. As bad as it sounds, spamming the choke is a lot of fun. Lazytown is a great example, that map is made for demoman.
  2. Fr0Z3nR

    aa Fr0Z3nR Creator of blackholes & memes. Destroyer of forums

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    For me, depends on what wep I'm using, if i'm using one of the rifles (Stock or Sydney) I do enjoy, moderatly open spaces (though not large of course) where I can snipe down a few people and move on. Not camping points! When I play huntsman (which is majority of the time), I like the moderatly open space, but also hallways, makes it easy, just spray n' pray.

    Best I can explain it, I'm more of an adaptable player, so I just take what I get and use what I have.
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  3. Icarus

    aa Icarus

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    Pyro: Corners, flanks, dropdowns, enclosed spaces, lots of health packs.
    Spy: Corners, flanks, dropdowns, enclosed spaces, lots of ammo packs.
    Engineer: Good variety in sentry positions, safe spots for teleporters, no ridiculous flanks that the enemy can use to easily get behind me -- Nothing feels worse than having to go back to spawn because someone broke my teleporter entrance.
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  4. Ravidge

    aa Ravidge Grand Vizier

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    As a sniper, The best thing for me is when there are lots of vantage points that I can choose from. They don't need to be good sniperlines or whatever, they just needs to offer different perks. Health or Ammo are obvious rewards, but good cover and relative safety are worth considering is some cases. Other times you want to choose the risky position for a great view over the enemy base.

    So I guess; enough combat options to suit any 2-minute tactic.

    I have the most fun when I get to outsmart opponents instead of just meeting in a head-on fight over and over. That goes for almost any class. Some maps are better at offering interesting options than others.
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  5. HellJumper

    aa HellJumper

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    For me: Spy is my favorite class.

    The thing that helps me out the most is height variations! Any combination of levels, obstacles, and points of elevation that I can use to my advantage is where I stab people. Flanking routes and height variations are what I say make a map fun for spies.
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  6. TMP

    aa TMP Abuser of Site Rules

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    As a pyro, I prefer to have paths that let me get to the front lines in stealthier ways. Such as like the house in badlands and the wideness of gorge.
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  7. Seba

    aa Seba DR. BIG FUCKER, PHD

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    I love two or three major height levels as Soldier. With people on each path I have a safe bet that I'll get some surprise kills and if I'm starting to lose, I can simply rocketjump/drop down to another level and escape/retaliate. However, nothing too ridiculous; ramps are one of my least favourite things as Solly because they offer easy height changes and most of the time create height levels inbetween the main ones. See Landfall's mid and the entirety of Rainbowride for perfect examples of what I love as Solly.

    When I play Scout, I love flanking routes, but not ones that are stupidly ridiculous and lead all the way back to the spawn. I also enjoy higher routes from which I can drop down onto the enemy and get a couple of meatshots in. Tempest sans last points is a fun Scoot map.
  8. RawrSpoon

    RawrSpoon L1: Registered

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    As a spy, I enjoy stairs a whole lot as well as corners.

    Only thing I really dislike are long hallways with limited maneuverability as well as a lack of alternate routes.
  9. Untouch

    Untouch L4: Comfortable Member

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    Spots to hide and build uber, no chokeholds where sentries are next to impossible to target.

    See badwater for all the good things.

    I should not be required to build uber in my spawn.
    Also no stupid ass props that aren't clipped properly, this kills back peddling.
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  10. red_flame586

    red_flame586 L7: Fancy Member

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    Pyro: enclosed areas and corners, drop pits and death traps, flanking routes, good cover

    Sniper: Wide areas, Height advantage with cover, Open area to snipe into, Easy retreat

    Spy: flanks, wide areas, lots of ammo, corners, indents to hide in

    Soldier: Hight advantages, Multiple levels, Routes that are hard to get to for other classes and wider areas

    Scout: Wide open areas with cover, Health, Corners and doorways to make quick attacks then retreats and Side paths

    Those are really the classes I play the most
    Overall, I really like to actually be challenged and have options to better the opponents instead of just a repetitive head on charge until one team gives way from just a lack of fire power/luck. Parts of the map which rewards experienced players is also good, e.g. a roof top which is hard to get to or a way for defenders to get into the attackers flanking routes. In general, a map with an open area, yet plenty of flanking routes as well as defensive positions is good as it allows all the classes to have a strength in some area. Finally if you make a map to good for one class, the enemies won't be having fun, and soon the player will just get bored.
  11. Moose

    Moose L6: Sharp Member

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    As pyro, height difference, open spaces, and what TMP said. Enclosed areas make it easier, but at that range I could get mvp while blindfolded.
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  12. Prestige

    aa Prestige fix your hearts or die

    Positive Ratings:
    Pyro: corners, sneaky paths, close range

    Scout: Open areas, good double jump spots

    Places that avoid the splash damage bug (basically a tiny lip in the ground can destroy all splash, it was in fragga's tut but he removed his youtube), RJ spots/height differences (spire, gpit C), enclosed areas.

    Demoman: Doesn't need anything

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  13. Rexy

    aa Rexy The Kwisatz Haderach

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    Sniper: straight corridors and 90 degree areas.
  14. Engineer

    aa Engineer

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    As an Engineer I like spots where I can hide my teleporter and the other team can't do much about it. Great spots for sentry nests are really nice.
    Lately I've been using the combat mini-sentry gun, so I really like to surprise enemies from places they can't even imagine. And rather open areas with some cover, so I can hide my mini-sentry + use my shotgun.
  15. LeSwordfish

    aa LeSwordfish semi-trained quasi-professional

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    as pyro i like medium areas, since soldiers and demomen own in small rooms. Height stuff to blast people off, odd angles to ambush from, particularly from above. Places to ambush, even on defence.
  16. Sokair

    Sokair L1: Registered

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    Heavy: Places where heavies can "dominate" the area, ammo/health kits, maybe a cover for sandvich (nom nom nom) and paths heavy can go safely.
  17. Whated

    Whated L2: Junior Member

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    Soldier~ Height Difference, A lot places where I am higher than the enemy. Which makes me a lot easier to blast people. Lets take this other way. There is someone higher than me. I'm trying to shoot him with my rocket launcher = It is hard target because you cannot use blast damage as your friend ;)
  18. C00Kies

    C00Kies L3: Member

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    As a medic I like having barriers I can get behind while under fire and a quick path which is easy to take to get away if needed. Like what Untouch said I hate when I backing up I hate getting stuck in corners or props. Heath kits in areas which are away from the main battle but close enough that I don't need to leave the team for a while (ex. the small health pack on the center rout on Coldfront's middle point.)

    These ideas are mainly for 5cp maps. Hope this helps
  19. skinnynerd

    skinnynerd L2: Junior Member

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    In terms of making a map interesting to play for medics and not overpowered for pocket classes like soldiers and heavies, the objective needs to be just out of range or around a corner from the medigun beam. An example of this is mid on badlands; a team defending the point can be healed by backing up next to the house while still firing, but to capture the point, the medic must move out into the open and expose himself. However, the medic knows that if his team loses, he has a chance to run for cover and live.
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