[Video Resource] MvM Map Design and Doom 2016

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    I found this video and I thought there are things mvm mappers could potentially take away from this.

    Obvisouly this is Doom, a single player fps, not a multiplayer coop fps. But what this video has to say about fps combat, it is intriguing.

    Both MvM and Doom puts heavy emphasis on fps combat against NPCs and this is why I am relating these two.

    The reason I want to share this video with you is because, mvm if done wrong simply comes down to 'shooting at blue robots' which isn't really fun. I still remember one time when I was in Rottenburg, I was half asleep and numb while thinking nothing at all. (I'm not saying that the whole mission is bad but that one instance was exceptionally more boring)

    I am not perfectly sure to what extent can a mapper integrate some of the design principles of Doom into MvM or how much they really should, its still a pretty good video to take a look.