Tips to start pl map?

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    Hello, im writing here once again. This time I want to ask you how to start a pl map? Like I know the basics etc but I mean I can't get any inspiration. How did you start your first map? Drawing it on a paper or just dive into it? P.S. im going to do Halloween pl map.
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    Everything is very simple. The idea itself and the map layout emerge in your head, then you look at the inspirational pictures, then draw your map on paper and start making it in the Hammer. The main things are inspiration and imagination!)
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    go to gametype library and copy over the prefab pl setup it will help you out a lot.
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    As others have already said, draw a sketch of the map you have in mind on paper, so that you have an idea of what you want to make before you even open Hammer. Trust me, it helps - you won't be cluelessly staring at that black void.

    Don't worry about what the map looks like in its early alpha versions. I'd recommend using the developer grid textures (search for "dev" in the texture browser) to make the initial layout of the map. Then you should sign it up for our gameday to have it tested with real players, it provides a ton of valuable feedback to help with your map.
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