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    Dunno if this has been posted before, but a friend linked me to it when I was trying to brainstorm map names:

    Turns out it's not particularly useful for map names, but who can turn away from the thrill of "Hamilton's Fire Breathing Voltmeter" or the horror of being "Terrorized by the Frog of Bellatrix"?
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    Here are my favorites so far:

    • The Fish Tailor
    • The Toad of the Spires
    • Imprisoned in the Exploding Space Ship
    • Hunted by the Lobster of the Vaults
    • Bee Empire of the Planets
    • Revenge of the Mouse Farmers
    • The Whirling Doom
    • Dawn of the Toaster of Love
    • The Rise of the Stairway
    • The Last Monkey Army (planet of the apes clearly)
    • Impossible Tree Keepers
    • The Detective that Discovered Mars
    • Men of the Dancing Queen
    • Pursued in the Galaxy of Earth
    • Exploding Ant Spirits
    • Invisible Ghostly Robots
    • Race Against the Trapezoid of Uncertainty
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    The Glacier that Discovered the Pyramid

    Uprising of the Frog of the Earth's Core - JESUS CHRIST

    Terror of the Zoo - OH NO
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    • Dissolved in the Bathysphere of the Girl
    • Dawn of the Tutor
    • Saucers from the Library
    • The Turtle Assassins
    • The Courtesan that Hated the Canyon
    • The Awful Lobster of the Planets
    • Immovable Ape Dentists
    • The Waitress of Tumithak's Time Machine
    • The Puppeteer that Ate the Robot
    • Devoured in the Volcano of the Plant Men

    And my new favourite (lol):

    • Menaced in the Swollen Planetoid
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