The New TF2maps Discord Bot 2021 - Feedback and Discussion Thread

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    A New New Bot

    Introducing the newest incarnation of the TF2Maps Bot: Mecha Engineer.

    Mecha Engineer brings many speed, stabiliy and quality of life improvements and stand on the shoulders of all the great bots before it.

    TF2maps Bot lives here:

    The current command list can be found here:

    Source Code can be found here:

    Mecha Engineer continues to support all the same commands you know and love with some new commands as well:
    • !dl <query> Searches the TF2M site for a map with that name
    • !tf2m <query> Searches the TF2M site for full text forum posts
    • !vdc <query> Searches the VDC
    • !add Now accepts a link _or_ a map name.
      • __Example__: !add rumford will add the latest version of pl_rumford to the bot
      • _You will need to link your discord to your forum account for this feature_: See #faq for more information

    We need your feedback!

    This bot is new, and there may be some bugs. Please post in this thread with as many details (link to a discord message if possible) and we will do our best to fix it in a timely manner.

    Suggestions for improvements? Complaints about missing features?
    Discuss them below and we'll see what we can do!
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    How about a command to check if you've linked the forum account correctly?
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    I could add a separate command for this; but I have added some error handling so if you dont have your account linked the bot will tell you so when you try to add a map using fuzzy search. Do you think that satisfies the problem or do you still think its worthwhile to have another command?