Thanks, and Goodbye

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semi-trained quasi-professional
Aug 8, 2010
Hey folks,

After about five years as a staff member around here, i'm going to be stepping down. I've had tremendous fun round here since I joined in 2010, and i've loved building, moulding, and taking part in this community since. Ultimately, though, I've not really had time to do my job as a staff member properly in a while, and I feel like it's time to bow out with dignity and hand the leadership over to more dedicated hands.

In those five years, I've ran two 72hrjams, taught a robot to sing Get Low, judged, participated in, and somehow never won several contests (hey if we're so biased towards staff members how come i never got anything), and watched TF2maps change to become far more welcoming and open than It was before. I've made some fantastic friends, met some people it was really satisfying to kick from the server, and god knows how many cool maps I've played. TF2Maps was a tremendously positive place for me to be, and I'm sure it'll keep going from strength to strength in future.

I should still be around in the discord, (particularly joining in the daily crosswords) and I might well be joining tests or casual play events in the future, so I won't be gone completely. You can follow me on twitter at Most of what I'm doing right now is working on Locomotion, a puzzle-adventure train game for PC and Switch, which you can find out more about at

It's been great. I'm gonna wear my Mapper's Medallion proudly.

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Spiritual preprocessor
Dec 19, 2015
Thank you, Sword. Throughout all the time when I thought TF2Maps staff team I thought you.


L3: Member
May 27, 2017
thank you for all the time you have put into this community and for being an amazing staff member


Stale air
Aug 31, 2014
Sword! I can't believe you tolerated us for so long. Enjoy the trials and tribulations of proper gamedev! If you send me a free Switch, I'll make sure to pick up your neato title.

We'll see you in #crossword, ol' buddy ol' pal.