Spawn points not valid?

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    Hello, I'm trying to create a jump map, and I'm creating the initial logic of the map. I have 24 spawn points currently set to any team and have done the following, from one of my previous threads a long time ago:

    I've switched the teams around so it forces you to go on blue, but it's fairly buggy and spawning in on the Red team causes me to die quite a few times before actually being switched to Blu. However, I'm also only spawning in a single spot when on Blu and I'm also getting this error message:
    EntSelectSpawnPoint(): No valid spawns for class #TF_Class_Name_Engineer on team 3 found, even though at least one spawn entity exists

    Here is what my spawn looks like in Hammer:


    EDIT: I have fixed the spawn point problem itself, but the force team thing is still buggy.
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    I don't remember seeing that error before some update added the ability to restrict spawn points to certain classes with Hammer flags (which don't work anyway). You can safely ignore that report as it appears only when the spawn point isn't assigned to a specific team, and causes no absolute harm.
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    my spwan point looks like errors
    please help

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