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Spawn/Flag proximity and spawnroom preference

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by shpladoink, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. shpladoink

    shpladoink L3: Member

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    In general, the closer the spawn room is to the flag, the more difficult it is to capture, and the easier it is to turtle. With this in mind, it would make sense to put both spawn rooms on a floor separate from the intel, or at least a fair distance from it. However, since there is a way to rocketjump directly to the second floor (where the flag is) in my current WIP, I feel that there ought to be a spawn point up there somewhere so it isn't too easy for an enemy demo or soldier to set up camp in the base.

    My map currently has the flag located on the second floor, and one spawn room on each floor (first and second). Is there a way to give one spawn point preference over another, given that they are both enabled? This way I'd be able to accommodate a full team, but most spawns during the round can show up on the first floor rather than on the second floor right next to the intel.

  2. Ravidge

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    If you put 11 spawnpoints in one room (respawn 1) and 5 in another (respawn 2), the odds of spawning in respawn 1 should be higher than respawn 2...
    Maybe there is a smarter solution but I haven't given this problem much thought.
  3. Icarus

    aa Icarus

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    maybe you can use I/O outputs to constantly alternate between the two spawn rooms, but give one Spawn more time before it switches again.

    Like, Spawn 1 gets 20 seconds before it is disabled, then Spawn 2 is activated for 10 seconds

    Players would have twice the probability of spawning in Spawn 1
  4. Nineaxis

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    The map spawns people in order of the spawnpoints as placed in hammer, and it just goes along and cycles back.

    I like to say gameplay problems are most easily fixed by layout changes rather than wacky entity setups. If you look at 2fort, both spawns open to the battlements, and the intel is deeper inside the base. The shorter route- rocketjumping, is also more risky, as you have to pass both spawnrooms to get to the intel. The longer route is the ground floor, but you go through the courtyard, avoiding directly passing the spawns, and are rewarded with a shorter set of stairs down into the intel.

    In short, the logistics of your map are off, think of a way to restructure it so it works.
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